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To help people and businesses with their research needs and help people and save them money on their document retrieval needs.

Shaun S. Udrea is the chief executive officer, professional researcher, lecturer, and author. His own research dates back with his family history into the 1700s and have been doing research on some publication to be release in the near future. With over 17 years of professional experience and he founded Udrea Genealogy Research in the summer of 2006. Over the course of these 17 years he has served on the Board of Directors of the Berks County Genealogical Society. He was the chairperson of the following committee the library, historian, publicity and program chairperson. Also served as a volunteer library assistant at the Berks County Genealogical Society and Historical Society of Berks County Libraries. He has lectured both locally and nationally.

Cody J. Fisler is the backbone and general manager of Udrea Research. He is the person that sets up clients, invoices, takes care of the banking and any other office work. He is skilled in a variety computer programs including: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher and Roots Magic.

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National Federation of Independent Business

International Society of Genetic Genealogy

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